Installing and using Handlebars

JavaScript (NodeJS)

The reference implementation of Handlebars is written in JavaScript. It is most commonly installed using npm or yarn:

npm install handlebars
# or
yarn add handlebars

You can then use Handlebars using require

const Handlebars = require("handlebars");
const template = Handlebars.compile("Name: {{name}}");
console.log(template({ name: "Nils" }));

JavaScript (Browser)

Think twice before using Handlebars-templates in the browser

There are far more advanced frameworks like Ember, Vue.js, React and Angular. They are updating the page faster and provide a much more complete set of tools. They can not only render, but also to handle inputs.

In contrast, Handlebars is a pure rendering engine. It works well if you want to allow people to write templates for rendering HTML-pages, e-mails or markdown files. Such things are mostly done on the server or in a command-line interface, executed in NodeJS or in another language for which an implementation exists

The simplest way to use Handlebars, although not recommended for production, is from a CDN. You can deliver a template to the browser by including it in a <script> tag.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

<script id="entry-template" type="text/x-handlebars-template">
  <div class="entry">
    <div class="body">

It is important that you put the template inside a <script> tag. Do not put it into the HTML directly or the HTML-parser might modify it (for example, if it contains a table).

Compile a template in JavaScript by using Handlebars.compile

var source = document.getElementById("entry-template").innerHTML;
var template = Handlebars.compile(source);

Get the HTML result of evaluating a Handlebars template by executing the template with a context.

var context = { title: "My New Post", body: "This is my first post!" };
var html = template(context);

results in

<div class="entry">
  <h1>My New Post</h1>
  <div class="body">
    This is my first post!

You can also download it and use that file instead of the CDN:

Download Handlebars 4.2.0

Precompiling templates

A better way is to precompile your templates. This will result in a smaller required runtime library and significant savings from not having to compile the template in the browser. This can be especially important when working with mobile devices.

Learn More: Precompilation

TODO: Add instructions for precompilation

If you are using precompiled templates in you HTML, you don't need to include the compiler in your website. The runtime is smaller and can be downloaded separately:

Download Handlebars runtime 4.2.0


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Deprecated tools


Bower is deprecated

Although Bower has been deprecated in favor of using yarn in combination with webpack.

Other implementations

There are handlebars implementations for many programming languages.

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